AI is terrible

except when it isn't

I’ve got a love/ hate relationship with generative AI.

On one hand, I think the “promise” is exciting.

There are things it can do that the human brain cannot.

But on the other hand…

Most of the outputs I have seen are complete garbage.

Last year, I tried to use ChatGPT to create a Chrome extension.

But I failed miserably.

Because you see, I know nothing about coding.

The thing didn’t work, and I had no idea why.

This is exactly like giving my dog a calculator when I notice he’s having trouble with trigonometry.

An extra tool will not help if one does not understand the underlying principles the tool is supposed to help with.

That being said, the tools keep getting better.

Slowly closing the gap between novices and experts.

For example, this morning I created a 90-second EDM clip using a new AI tool…

As a novice, I think it’s pretty good. (I don’t like the first 3 seconds.)

An expert will probably listen to this and roll their eyes…

But this is far closer to “good” than last year’s Chrome extension.

Here’s the point:

Whether we like it or not, these tools will keep coming.

They aren’t going to magically transform an illiterate fast food worker into a million-dollar copywriter, or a suburban cul-de-sac dad into an EDM prodigy.

But they help the people with the right skillsets to massively multiply their quality outputs.

The trick is to know which ones are worth checking out…

…without falling down the rabbit hole into the GPT wrapper cesspool.

Personally, I like the AI Tool Report newsletter for exactly this reason.

(It’s where I discovered Udio, the site that allowed me to make the music clip linked above.)

Check it out, or not:

Learn AI in 5 Minutes a Day

AI Tool Report is one of the fastest-growing and most respected newsletters in the world, with over 550,000 readers from companies like OpenAI, Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft, and more.

Our research team spends hundreds of hours a week summarizing the latest news, and finding you the best opportunities to save time and earn more using AI.

If you skip it, no problem. Just don’t send me AI-generated landing pages with emoji bullet points to review.

At least, not until I finish my “Auto-roast stupid landing pages” Chrome extension.



P.S. Ben and I got behind in publishing our Friday morning marketing rants because April was a dumpster fire. But we’re back on track.

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