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[For Amazon sellers] Getting paid to collect emails

this shouldn't work

I don’t consider myself any sort of Meta ads genius, but these results beg to differ:

If you don’t speak Ad Analyticese, let me briefly explain what this says:

  1. I’ve spent about $600.

  2. I’ve generated 60 sales.

  3. Each sale costs me $10 in ad costs, but averages $20 in revenue.

  4. For every 1 sale I make, I’m collecting 4-5 additional email addresses from interested leads.

Now here’s where things get interesting:

  1. All of the purchases are happening on Amazon.

  2. Every single sale is profitable, even considering COGS and fees.

I'm getting paid to send outside traffic to Amazon and build an email list of buyers.

Roughly 5-6 emails per sale made…

Do you think some of those non-buyers will buy later with some follow up emails?

(They do.)

Do you think some of those buyers will also buy again?

(They do.)

And you have to realize…

I have the email address of EVERY SINGLE BUYER who comes through this funnel.

No lame insert cards or post-purchase shenanigans required.

Do you think I follow up and ask for reviews in a TOS - compliant way?

(You betcha.)

Now, those of you who know a little about Amazon and Meta ads want to ask…

  • How did you place the pixel?

  • Do you have attribution and tracking?

  • Is this against TOS?

  • Shouldn’t you just spend the money on PPC?

  • Can I steal this? Pleeeease?

Well, I’m considering putting on a live training later this month.

I think I’ll call it the Amazon Audience Accelerator.

If you want to be included on the guest list, let me know right here:

Amazon Audience Accelerator live training guest list

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