App refresh junkie?

the detox

Have you done this?

Refresh the app…

Any new sales?

As the numbers climb and the yellow bar gets taller…

A rush of excitement.

Refresh again.

Nothing new this time.

A hole opens up.

A gap.

Refresh again…


What happened? What’s wrong?

Better boost the PPC budget.

Better send a half-baked email.

Refresh again…

What drives you in your business?

I’ve noticed the answer is usually 1 of 2 things-

Data or dopamine.

The first sale is a powerful hit.

We might chase that high for the rest of our lives.

But do junkies make good decisions?

Chasing their next fix?

What drives you in your business?

I admit, I’m a recovering app refresher. I’ve used the Amazon Seller App, Shopify, Stripe, even resorted to huffing social media engagement.

It’s exhilarating to see those numbers climb.

Cheers me up, gives me energy.

But in the long term, it’s the wrong thing to optimize for.

It will lead you straight off a cliff.

So I’ve got to tip my hat to the data guys. The ones who look at bottom lines, not just top. CAC. AOV. ROI. CLV.

When you dig in, the data can be pretty sexy too. Measure and optimize for the right numbers, and your baseline mood + energy + cash all go up.

There’s less of a desire, less of a need, for the dopamine hits. Confidence and optimism replace the app refresh roller coaster.

I recently discovered a level-headed data guy who has been in eCom for 15 years…

Successfully building a DTC channel to over $100 million in revenue.

And now he’s publishing a free newsletter sharing his level headed, data driven insights.

Just 1 per week, not too long, but plump and juicy with actionable insight.

His recent post about “profit per customer” is brilliant.

Written so that even a recovering app refresher can understand.

This is one of the newsletters that I read.

If you want to detox from app refreshing while building a healthier business, click here to check it out for yourself.

You’ll thank me later,


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