That awkward conversation?

causing eye rolls

Ever get caught in a conversation that wouldn’t end?

“...and then this happened, but so-and-so did this, and oh I forgot then this other person that so-and-so knew did this other thing, and oh yeah, did I show you this funny video of my dog?”

annoying girl

It’s the worst. You think to yourself, “where is this going?” but later realize with horror that it's going NOWHERE, for eternity.

At least until you can come up with an excuse to leave, and they pause for breath long enough for you to bid them adieu.

We can all agree this is awful, right?


Now brace yourself, because I am going to give you a hard pill.

And I recommend you swallow it.

Chances are, YOU are doing this exact thing whenever someone asks, “So what do you do? Tell me about your business.”

Gibberish ensues.

Am I right?

It’s because you have a mishmash of loosely connected ideas in your head about what your brand is, what your product is, how they’re related, why they exist, who YOU are, why you decided to do this, how it can help people, and who it’s for.

Am I right?

You turn into a verbal version of this guy:

conspiracy guy

Am I right?

Sorry to call you out. No disrespect intended.

But now, please consider the damage you are doing to your brand.

Your mental disorganization not only affects your in-person conversations, but probably affects everything about your marketing and messaging.

Your website copy.

Your social media content.

Your emails.

(And you wonder why nothing seems to stick…)

You’re the online version of the annoying, endless dinner party conversationalist who rambles on with no end in sight. No story arc. No point.

No wonder they can’t wait to get away from you by scrolling past your latest post or hitting the back button on your website.

Luckily, this can all be fixed pretty easily.

You just need someone to put your jigsaw puzzle of a story together so that it forms a clear image.

Trim off the scraggly bits, tie up loose ends.

Afterwards, it’ll feel like the day after you clean out your garage, or vacuum out your car, or organize the “junk drawer” in the kitchen.

A nice and tidy brand story that you can stick on the “About Us” page, or insert into your Welcome Series, or drop into your Instagram Stories…

Because once people finally “get it,” they can decide if they want it (the thing you sell).

And I may have something special for you…

You see, I have a friend who has a background in media and public relations.

(As in, she’s been on TV.)

She is a legit expert at understanding how to tell people’s stories, especially in their own voice.

And we’ve been talking….

She may be willing to help a SMALL number of folks get their stories straight this summer.

But I need to convince her that people would want this.

(She’s got a very comfortable full-time gig that she enjoys, and doesn’t really need to do this.)

There would be a cost, but it would be far less than the thousands you could expect to pay an A-list copywriter or branding agency.

For now, just give me a nod if you’d like to get more info:

Would you like to hear more about having a guest expert craft your brand story?

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