It's better to lose a finger than...

don't make my biggest mistake

“I'd much rather have a kid with nine fingers than a resource-less kid."

That’s a quote from MacKenzie Bezos.

You see, she and Jeff let their kids use steak knives and power tools as early as the age of 4.

They knew that overcoming challenges and struggles would develop their kids into resourceful people.

Years ago, this hit me like a ton of bricks.

I realized I was making a devastating mistake as a parent.

I didn’t let my kids struggle.

I didn’t want them to fail.

I wanted to protect them from danger, risk, tears and anguish.

Seemed like good parenting,

but it was the opposite.

After I became a business owner,

And relentlessly studied success,

I noticed an obvious but disturbing pattern.

Lasting success was born from struggle.


Challenges create champions.

I’ve seen lots of people looking for a “business in a box.”

The silver bullet - magic pill that eliminates risk and guarantees success.

But it doesn’t exist.

Because removing the struggle of getting from 0 to 1 DESTROYS their ability to get from 1 to anything else.

While it’s fine to cook something up using someone else’s recipe,

YOU have to be the one cracking the eggs and slicing the onions.

Yes, the knife is sharp.

Yes, you might lose a finger.

But unless you take some risks and learn to truly feed yourself,

You’ll be forced to survive on fast food, microwave dinners, and W-2’s.

I wish I knew this sooner both as a business owner and as a parent.

Even now, I sometimes catch myself making the same mistake.

Crossing the line between handing someone a recipe and grabbing the knife out of their hand.

That’s why I’m working on an epic, automated recipe,

A step-by-step guide to get from 0 to 1.

It will be a series of bite-sized lessons delivered one at a time through email.

One small piece to learn and implement each day.

But you have to do all the cooking.

It won’t be free, but I’m going to make it cheap.

There are already over 30 people on the wait list.

You can join them by raising your hand using the poll below.

What have you got to lose besides a finger or two?

Talk soon,


P.S. On the other side of getting from 0 to 1, we can have some fun together. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m doing an overhaul of email automations for a client.

Because of where they’re already at, this will add at least $100,000 to their business by the end of the year.

And after I wrap up this project, I’ll have some room to take on 1-2 more.

I call this service Magic Money Multiplication Machine.

(Cheesy? Maybe. Accurate? Definitely.)

What does this look like?

If you already have something proven to sell and quality people to sell to, I can help you crank the dial.

We’ll put some magic messaging and automations in place that add at least 20% to your top line.

(Or, if you’re currently under-monetized, we might be able to 2x or 3x your top line.)

Obviously, the results depend on the material we’re working with.

Which is why these engagements always kick off with a small, zero-downside test.

If you’re already humming along at $100k+ per month and would like to bolt on my Magic Money Multiplication Machine, you can hop on the wait list for my next available spots right here:

Want to hop on the Magic Money Multiplication wait list for my next available spots?

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