The brainy brain expert...

for your learning mastery

I know a guy…

…who many years ago, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and had to relearn many basic functions of everyday life.

But he’s done ok.

He holds a PhD in brain anatomy and neurochemistry, and has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles.

He published a medical reference book that sold over 100,000 copies, and also received an award for a children’s book he published.

He’s taught students ranging from elementary school to college postgrads….

…And also holds numerous patents on inventions he’s created.

He’s also a serial entrepreneur and is in the middle of launching a new brand.

I know some of you know him, but you may not have realized that Dr. Russ Dollinger is a real-life Renaissance Man and polymath.

I am excited to reveal that he is the expert who will be teaching next week’s workshop on how to maximize and optimize learning.

Russ not only understands learning from an academic, brain function perspective, he’s spent decades teaching difficult subjects to young students.

And his challenges in overcoming his own brain injury has given him a very unique perspective on learning strategies and optimizations.

Next Friday, I will be hosting a training presented by Dr. Dollinger.

He is tailoring the training to adult entrepreneurs and business owners who are actively seeking to learn and master new skill sets.

There is a small price attached to this, because quite honestly Dr. Russ has written some very big checks while bringing his new brand into existence.

(90% of the sales of this training are going to Russ to help fund his project.)

If you join the training…

Not only are you getting something that will enhance the value of time and money you were already going to spend, but you’re helping Russ to bring something to life that’s going to help countless future students.

It’s a good cause.

Would you mind letting me know below if you want more details?

Would you like strategies and secrets that will maximize your future learning?

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