A demolition derby on my curb

we lost

While backing down the driveway, I noticed shards of glass in the road directly behind me.


I began to maneuver the mini van to dodge the debris.

Suddenly my daughter shouted, “It’s from my car! Gaaaah!

And clearly it was. The car was parked on the curb next to us…

One of the headlights was shattered, pieces strewn everywhere.

And the front fender and bumper were smashed, black streaks across both indicating the speed and direction of the collision.


That’s how our Sunday started.

Later in the day, we snagged security camera footage from a neighbor.

Check out this clown show:

And you won’t believe this. Or maybe you will.

The Amazon delivery driver who smashed my daughter’s parked car DELIVERED A PACKAGE TO OUR HOUSE immediately afterwards, then took off.

I shared this story with a few friends, and was surprised to learn that this is pretty common:

My big takeaway was that good Amazon drivers are hard to find.

And the same is true of email newsletters.

I have a separate gmail account that I use to subscribe to email lists.

Hundreds of them.

And of the hundreds of newsletters I receive every week, there are only a handful I ALWAYS open and read.

One of them is called Damn Good Emails.

It’s run by a copywriter named Rachelle, and I like her style.

Her emails are fun to read, and worth dissecting afterwards if you want to understand how they tick.

She’s a good writer and isn’t shy about selling stuff. Take note.

Because if you want to be good too, you need to read more damn good emails so you understand what a damn good email looks like.

Join here:

Damn Good Emails, LLCRachelle's free daily tips to maximize your marketing profits.

That’s all for today. I’m off to order a Corolla fender from Amazon.


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