Don't consume this common neurotoxin

future self will thank you

Stick with me.

This is critically important if you want to be an elite entrepreneur.

But you will not see the connection until the end.

Stick with me.

Outputs depend on inputs.

Seems so obvious.

But many folks are not where they want to be and wonder why.

Lament the digits on the scale,

But continue consumption from boxes and bags,

bottles and cans.

Past input = Current output.

Current input = Future output.

True for the physical AND mental.

What should be feed our bodies?


(I have strong opinions.)

What should we feed our minds?

Please not the Nooze.

Rhymes with booze because it makes you feel smarter while doing the opposite.

Sounds like noose because it chokes you and starves your brain of oxygen.

The Nooze is a product designed to be addictive.

Like Twinkies.

All fluff, no substance.

Like Twinkies.

Briefly feels satisfying, but leaves you craving more.

Like Twinkies.

Even worse for your brain than TikTok.

Like Twinkies.

What you consume today affects what you do tomorrow.

Are you consuming tools, building blocks, philosophies, strategies, insights, and breakthroughs?

Or gossip, slander, despair, fear, anxiety, outrage, and the weather?

Let me help. Dress in layers.

And turn off the Nooze.

Outputs depend on inputs.

and ALL inputs have an effect.

A little bit of poison is still bad for you.

There is no safe daily dose of Nooze.

Substitute for a serving of Cold Turkey instead.

I have more to say about the Perfect Info Diet.

Frontal lobe fuel for those who crave to create,

Not just consume.

But we must start here.

If you want to breadwin with your brain,

Lose the Nooze.

Checking in...

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