Email Armageddon

a few weeks away

Email Armageddon?

Big List Bloodbath?

Spam Sender Slaughterhouse?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are big changes coming to email marketing next month.

And I know of a few list owners who are (probably) going to be decimated.

You see, next month, Google is implementing new sending requirements for all domains that send more than 5,000 emails in a single day.

There are three new requirements being added, and you have direct control over 1.5 of them:

  1. Authentication

  2. One-click unsubscribe

  3. Spam Threshold

First, authentication refers to some protocols in place to ensure that email senders are who they say they are.

For many of you who use email software like Klaviyo, Beehiiv, or ActiveCampaign, they already have help guides to show you how to properly set this up. Make sure you cut and paste into your domain DNS settings as instructed before the end of the month.

Next, one-click unsubscribe will generally be taken care of by your software provider.

Finally, a new daily spam threshold of < 0.3% will be strictly enforced.

Meaning, if more than 0.3% of your recipients report your email as spam within a 24 hour period, you may be BLOCKED from sending to any gmail address.

Email software companies are already flagging or banning users who hit a 0.1% spam threshold.

This is serious business.

People with big, low quality lists are in for a world of hurt.

I’m curious, are you prepared for the change?

I’m no authentication expert, but if enough people tell me they need help getting it squared away, I can either pull together some helpful “how to” content from around the web, or maybe bring in a guest expert to teach us about this stuff:

Are you prepared for the new authentication requirements for bulk email senders?

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And regarding the spam complaint threshold, this sure makes small, valuable, engaged lists seem like a great idea, right?

If that’s something you want, you can learn more about how I build small, high value email lists here.

There’s no need to panic, you have plenty of time to get this set up.

But I’d put it pretty high on your to-do list this month.

Stay safe out there,


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