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I get several requests to share other people’s newsletters, products and courses each month.

I turn many away.

And only bring you the good ones.

Things I would sign up for and buy myself.

Today is a good one. I legit bought it before sending this email:

When I spend business money, I aim for things that pay for themselves.

One dollar out, five dollars back in.

(If you do it the other way, you won’t be around for long.)

It’s obvious for things like inventory.

Or ads, if they’re working.

In both cases, you’re buying an asset that generates more than it costs.

Spend $10 on a unit of inventory, sell it for $50.

Spend $50 on ads acquiring a customer whose LTV is $500.

Makes sense.

Today’s sponsor is (IMO) just like these.

Email based course shows you how to create a high-value asset all by yourself, then plug it into your business as an automated, evergreen, sales machine.

Do you already know your market well?

Would you like an asset that generates revenue on autopilot?

Keep reading.

What this will help you do is create a sellable solution to one of their problems.

No, this isn’t going to be an eBook that no one wants, and it isn’t going to be a course that no one finishes.

Instead, you will craft a series of automated emails that deliver a very specific solution to a very specific problem.

Imagine a mid-ticket course, a welcome series, a 7-day challenge, and an eBook all had a baby.

(Actually, wow. Gross. Don’t imagine that.)

Hopefully you get the idea without getting any ideas.

Because of the way the content is delivered, consumption rates are far higher than eBooks, and completion rates are higher than courses.

This means you will deliver real results to a higher percentage of people.

Afterwards, they are more likely to pay for other products and solutions you offer.

Q. How much can you charge people to go through one of these email courses?

Honestly, it depends on how big of a problem you are solving and how good this solution is.

A reasonable place to start is in the $10 - $99 range.

Multiply that by 10% of your current email list, or 10% of your new leads per month…

…would that extra revenue be meaningful?

Most people don’t have much trouble signing up 10 people for $19 each on launch day…

And because it’s only $105 with the coupon code,

It pays for itself FAST.

And if you join me in buying this, don’t forget to use coupon code MEBC30 to get 30% off.

Email for the win,


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