The ending is up to you

which way, Main Character?

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Today’s email will have a frustrating cliffhanger.

But I have good news.

The outcome is not for me to decide.

That power is all yours.

Want to play?

Read on.

Level 1-

Human brains love stories. They are a powerful marketing weapon.

I wrote an email series about it last month in case you need to catch up.

The desire, the need, to know what happens next will keep people reading far longer than your boring “Seven Tips for Blah Blah” listicle.

But there is a power-up you can activate that unlocks new levels of possibility.

Level 2-

You see, there is one story in particular that is everyone’s favorite.

It has the most interesting main character and the most engaging plot.

High stakes. Rich detail. Complete emotional investment in the outcome.

I’m talking about your own story, of course.

But how can one person (me) captivate a single reader (you) with your own story, in a message being sent to thousands at once?

The answer is both elusive and obvious.

Level 3-

Video games might be the most powerful storytelling tool because they allow people to actively engage instead of passively consuming.

Transforming them into real-life side quests.

And while I don’t have a great way to package my content into video game format, I can still incorporate powerful game mechanics in unexpected ways.

It’s called Gamification.

So much more than a sleazy “spin to win” exit popup.

Because the best games are fun.

And feel like the stakes are real.

Which brings me to what’s going to happen this week.

Level 4-

This email contains many more links than usual.

In fact, here’s another one:

AI-Powered Creativity

Instant, polished presentations powered by AI. Impress your audience effortlessly with Gamma. Engage users on any device. Measure engagement, get quick reactions, and collaborate seamlessly.

Some people will click on a couple links, some will click on all, and some won’t click on any.

But how each and every person interacts with this email is being tracked.

I know every link you click on, and every link you ignore.

As this week unfolds, your choices will determine your outcome.

There are different experiences possible, and several different endings.

Just like in a game.

Just like in real life.

But what are the stakes?

Level 5-

One of the possible endings is access to a training I created 2 years ago.

It explains how I used game mechanics to add thousands of people to an eCom email list and SMS list, used them to boost social media content views, and generated enough front-end sales to cover the customer acquisition cost from ads.

That’s one ending. There are others.

The choices you make today and throughout the week affect the final outcome.

Now reread this email and make your choices.

What do you click on?

What do you ignore?

I’m watching,


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