This is what your eyeballs are worth

Have you ever signed up for “Accidental Death & Dismemberment” insurance?

It’s kind of bizarre.

The claim payouts are things like,

“Loss of finger - $500 each”

“Loss of arm - $10,000 each.

“Loss of leg - $15,000 each.”

“Loss of vision - $12,500 per eye.”

A dollar value is placed on each body part or function.

It’s the value ladder you hope you never have to climb.

The numbers I used are arbitrary, I don’t really know what Aflac thinks your eyeballs are worth.

However, I know exactly how much your eyeballs are worth to me.

(Pay attention, eyeballs, because this might be worth a lot of money to you.)

On Monday, my email was sponsored by a business called “Email Based Course.”

It’s a training on how to create an online course delivered through email, and it’s very good.

(I know, because I paid and signed up myself.)

On Monday, approximately 30 different people clicked on the ad in my email.

I get paid $2.40 per click.

That means I made about $70 by sending that email.

Your collective eyeballs were worth $70 on Monday.

But wait!

Email Based Course costs $105 after the discount I shared.

How many of those 30 clicks resulted in a sale?

I’m not sure, but I know many of them did. Several people replied to the email excitedly telling me they signed up.

If I’d had an affiliate relationship with EBC instead of getting paid per click, I’d get 30% of each sale.

If the clicks only converted at a rate of 20% (6 sales), that would be $189.

Almost THREE TIMES the payout of a “pay per click” model.

(After this campaign, I actually DID sign up for the affiliate program.)

But wait!

What if I created my own solution?

An Email Magic spin on email courses that delivered unique value?

Something people would want to own alongside Email Based Course?

I could retarget those 30 ad clickers.

Make them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

(For example, what if I only charged a tiny deposit and offered a little bit of “done with you” help in exchange for 20% of their back-end profits for the first 6 months?)

Each buyer would be worth hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars.

Sounds better than $70, doesn’t it?

Here’s the point.

If you have your own newsletter or email list and are monetizing each subscriber for pennies, you should put some effort into creating something of your own.

Something you can sell for $50, or $100, or $150 per buyer.

Something automated, that you invest time and effort into ONCE.

Something like what Email Based Course teaches.

Because this is such a good deal at half-price, I’m offering it one more time this week.

Email Based Course, normally $150, is only $105 through the link below when you use code MEBC30 at checkout.

This is the kind of thing I spend my own money on.

It’s the kind of thing that pays for itself quickly. Double digit, triple digit, quadruple digit ROI.

It’s an easy, valuable bolt-on tool for whatever business you may be running.

Physical product seller? Throw your old e-Book into the digital trashcan on your desktop. This is a lead magnet format that people will actually consume.

Set them up to buy your physical products with this tool, or use it to deliver complimentary value.

Content creator? Service provider? Author?

How would you like to have an automated source of revenue? This is a step by step template of how to create one.

Grab the Email Based Course through this link, and be sure to use the MEBC30 coupon code for 30% off.

I appreciate your eyeballs, click or no click,


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