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The five secret words that create your perfect business

(you already know them)

"What product should I sell?"

"Who should I sell to?"

"How do I build an audience of them?"

"What should I focus my time, energy, and money on right now?"


If there was an FAQ for entrepreneurship, these 4 questions would be at the top of the list.

And rightfully so.

In my experience, the answers are keys that unlock higher levels of income, impact, and personal fulfillment.

Today, I want to offer you a simple framework to begin answering these questions for yourself and your business.


(This is an interactive exercise, so open it back up when you're sitting at your desk with a pen and paper.)


Ready? Let's get started.


First, list the following letters down the left side of your sheet of paper. Leave some space between each one:












Got it? Good.

Now, next to "I" begin answering the following questions. Write out the answers with no editing. Just brain dump:

I - Who are you?

What are your passions?

Your talents?

Your experience?

What are you great at?

What uncommon combinations of skills and/ or experience do you have?

What is the greatest challenge you have ever overcome?


Great job! Next, move to "Y" and answer the following questions. This is where it starts to get business-y.


NOTE: You may not make any reference to a product or service in this section.


Y - Who do you love to serve?

Who is your ideal customer?

Tell a story about a day in their life.

What are their hopes and dreams?

What problem or pain are they running from or trying to solve?

What do they think about?

How do they spend their time and money?

How would they like to spend their time and money?

Who are their villains?

Who are their heroes and idols?


Great job again! Did you feel a little friction? Was that uncomfortable? It might be your empathy straining against your ego. Totally normal, I promise.


Next, move to "S" and answer the following questions. You still may not make any reference to a product or service in this section.


S - Go deep into the transformation they seek. First, fully flesh out their problem.

WHY is it a problem?

What is their current solution to the problem?

How is that working out for them?

What would their life be like if the problem was solved?


You're making excellent progress. You'll like the next part.



H - Ok, NOW you can brainstorm products and services that may help your avatar.

Get creative! Do not filter or edit your ideas.

What is every possible way their problem could be solved?

No ideas are off limits.

Which ideas would create the most impactful result?

The fastest result?

The most lasting result?


You're almost done.


M - Now, how can you use the information above to help your ideal customer?

Brainstorm all possible ways you can help them. No filtering or editing yet.

How will you connect your perfect product or service to your ideal customer?

How can you reach them?

How will you communicate your offer to them?

Who can help you do this?



Now, should we put all of this together?


We are going to rearrange the sections slightly:








Which stands for,








How = your product or service. The solution you offer to their problem.


May = Think of this as how you ask their permission. How you connect and communicate with them, either directly or through others. How you create the opportunity to impact your target market.


I = This is YOU. You are unrepeatably unique, and can serve these people in a way that absolutely no one else can. Why are you, of all people in the existence of humanity, uniquely qualified to do this?

Discover what that special spark is, and go ALL IN on it.


Serve = Understand that THIS is what you are actually selling. The transformation, NOT your product or service. Think Goals. Results. Benefits. Their "future Heaven" situation.


You = not you, but them. Your ideal customers. The specific people you can specifically help.

Now, look back at the original 4 questions at the beginning of this email.

Do you have a better idea of the answers?

Or did I just trick you into wasting 20 minutes and a perfectly good piece of paper?

I'd honestly like to know. Hit reply if you feel like it.


Oh, and guess what? If you're reading this, you're probably my "Y."

I hope that doesn't make things weird between us.




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