Getting held for ransom

sales guy's fault

I’ve never sold anything on a sales call.

But the most expensive thing I’ve personally sold was over $10k.

“Conventional wisdom” is that to sell expensive things, you need to get people onto calls. To do this at scale, you need a sales team.


Before I explain, let me be transparent with you.

I’m a little biased against the “book a call with the sales team” model.

In my first business, we used conventional sales calls to close deals ranging from $10k to $250k.

Yes, you read that right.

A quarter millie in one transaction.

One of my partners was the sales guy, and he was slick.

He knew exactly how to make people feel comfortable wiring us six figures, but…

He usually did it by promising the client something that I would personally have to deliver on.

(I was the ops and fulfillment guy.)

A lot of these deals were 50% down, 50% on delivery, so I was personally responsible for ensuring we collected 50% of our revenue each month.

If I failed, it sometimes meant no paycheck for the owners (including me) that month.

No pressure, right?

What really made this situation toxic was that in the heat of the sale, the sales guy would sometimes make outlandish promises without asking me first.

“You told him WHAT? I don’t know how to do that!”

Except I always managed to figure it out. Because what was the alternative?

(Answer: 30 days of Top Ramen.)

Even so, there were many tense situations over the years.

Me, in a different town with a bunch of unsatisfied customers waving a 5 or 6-figure check in my face, demanding I jump through just a few more hoops.


As I’ve built Email Magic, I’ve done so being very intentional about not relying on sales calls.

I just don’t like the dynamic.

But fortunately, I encountered a way to close mid- and high ticket sales reliably, with less stress and no sales calls.

If you’ve worked with me at a higher level, you’ve seen parts and pieces of this system in action.

Here’s why I’m sharing this today-

I recently struck a deal with my “no sales calls” mentor to share his training with my own audience.

This is not a thing for beginners. But if you have something $1000+ to sell, this can increase your close rate with a lot less stress.

It’s not for everyone, but is it for you? Let me know below:

Would it be useful to learn a "no sales call" selling technique for high and mid-ticket sales?

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