Give the illusion of choice

it's for their own good

Raising a bunch of kids forced me to learn the art of persuasion.

Specifically, getting people to do what I want, while making them think that it’s what THEY want.

One of the best ways to do this is by offering them carefully constructed choices. For example,

INSTEAD OF: "What do you want for breakfast?"

SAY THIS: "Do you want an egg or a banana for breakfast?"


INSTEAD OF "What do you want to wear today?"

SAY THIS: "Do you want to wear the dinosaur shirt or the spaceship shirt?"


INSTEAD OF: "Go get ready for bed"

SAY THIS: "Do you want to brush your teeth first, or put on pajamas first?"


The result? They feel like they are in control while doing what I want them to do.

It’s a win-win.

The children enjoy thinking they are in control,

While I guide them towards decisions that benefit them long-term.

We can apply this to our businesses as well.


Assuming that what you sell helps the people who buy, then it is your responsibility to guide leads and prospects towards becoming customers.


There are endless applications of this idea, but here’s one email-specific thing you can do today:

On your mail capture popups and landing pages, offer two choices.

Instead of “Subscribe” or do nothing, offer two specific options.

One should clearly be the "right" answer, and the other the "wrong" answer.


 Want us to text you a 10% off coupon?

>No, I do not like discounts


Want 10% off plus convenient monthly deliveries?

>Yes, save me time and money each month!
>No, I like paying more and running out.

Make sense?

By showing a small number of clear, contrasting options, you help people make the right decision, faster.

Is this something you can apply? Let me know:

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