A self-milking cow

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Last summer, I heard about a new(ish) email platform that had built-in tools for growth and monetization.

At the time, I’d been writing and sending a weekly email to a small list of several hundred people for about 2 years.

It was a hobby that generated nice side income, but I’d never considered turning it into a business

But with this new platform, I saw a big opportunity.

Before, my newsletter was a place to brain dump ideas and occasionally sell stuff.

But what if my brain dump of ideas was a product?

The floating lightbulb above my head switched on.

Beginning last August, I began moving my email list from the old service over to Beehiiv.

I signed up for a year of their top plan ($999/ yr) and began using their growth and monetization tools immediately:

Growth tools:

  • Boosts - I began paying $2.55 per subscriber for other newsletters to recommend me to their readers.

  • Referrals - I turned on a referral program, where my subscribers can earn valuable rewards by recommending my newsletter to others through their special link.

Monetization tools:

  • Boosts - I played the other side of Boosts as well, netting $1.77 on average per subscriber that I recommend to other publications.

  • Ads - I am occasionally offered to run an ad for a sponsor, and get paid for each click I send.

  • Premium subscription - a paid version of the newsletter with significant bonuses and perks for members.

Wanna see what happened?


Total subs

Boost revenue

Ads revenue

Premium Subs

Monthly Total

Aug 2023






Sept 2023






Oct 2023






Nov 2023






Dec 2023






Jan 2023











As you can see, I’ve made $1554 from their internal tools only.

(This does not include revenue from coaching or courses, which is in the tens of thousands.)

The point is, the platform can pay for itself quickly.

If you can create regular content that’s good enough to keep people coming back week after week, you can use Beehiiv to monetize the attention of EVERYONE, even non-buyers.

Did you catch that?

With boosts and ads, you are getting paid for all those non-buying warm bodies.

This helps to offset your cost to acquire real customers.

As your numbers grow, these can become significant extra sources of revenue.

Are you a little bit interested?

If so, I’ve got good news-

Beehiiv is running a promo that I can get you access to.

For a limited time, I can get you a 30 day free trial,

PLUS 20% off your first 3 months of any paid plan.

(Through my link.)

Check out this money math:

  • This means you get FULL access to their Scale plan for 4 months for a total of $240 ( $0 + $80 + $80 + $80 ).

  • Therefore, you only need to generate $240 within 4 MONTHS to cover your upfront cost.

  • Afterwards, you only need to generate $100/ mo to cover your costs.

  • AND/ OR, switch billing to Yearly at any point and save $200 annually. ($999/ yr instead of $99/ mo. This is what I did.)

Listen, this isn’t for everyone, so I want to share more details with the people who are interested.

Is that you? If so, click the big purple button:

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