Hormozi vs. Ferris

Marketing Magic Ep. 4.

The eternal debate in the “online business” space…

Hustle & Grind 24/7


The laptop lifestyle 4-Hour workweek.

Everyone’s got a strong opinion, and Ben and I share ours on this week’s episode of Marketing Magic, our weekly low-res Zoom recording that we turn into a YouTube podcast.

Tune in here (36 min watch time):

And later this week, I want to tell you about the simple trick I use to make or save thousands of dollars several times per year.

It’s a time saving, trust-building, data gathering, sales +customer service enhancement that almost no one is using.

For those of you with more expensive offerings, and especially those of you who are used to “hopping on a call” to close sales, this trick may change your life.

But I won’t bother you with the details if you aren’t interested.

Let me know how you’d like this week to play out:

Do you want to hear about the simple trick described above?

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