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Wednesday, I shared a training resource called Email Based Course.

(You can catch up here.)

It’s something I believe in and have purchased myself, but I got some replies to yesterday’s email I wanted to address.

Yes, creating a course that’s delivered entirely through email takes some time, but it takes less time than creating a Kajabi-style course.

Yes, you really can charge $100 or more for an email course. In fact, if you solve the right problems for the right people, you can charge a LOT more.

Today’s email is for the people who like this idea, but have no time to build an email course themselves.

Because you see, I could build one for you.

If you know your market well, and would like an asset that can generate revenue on autopilot with little to no ongoing effort on your part, keep reading.

Would you like an automated, evergreen, sellable solution to their problem?

Imagine a mid-ticket course, a welcome series, a 10-day challenge, and an eBook all had a baby.

(Actually, wow. Gross. Don’t imagine that.)

Hopefully you get the idea without getting any ideas.

Because of the way the content is delivered, consumption rates are far higher than eBooks, and completion rates are higher than courses.

This means you will deliver real results to a higher percentage of people, who will then be far more willing to pay for other products and solutions you offer.

Delivered through automated emails.

Now, please understand how much heavy lifting I’m doing for each one of these.

If I were to charge per email, this would cost over $6000.

This kind of thing takes a lot of my time and brain power.

And to be honest, the investment doesn’t make sense on your end unless you already have an email list, an audience, or traffic source that you can stick this in front of.

But if you already have the ability to sell 100 units of something priced around $50 within 30 days, this should be a no-brainer for you.

The cost to book me for one of these projects is $2990.

But because I want to keep my delivery window < 30 days, I need to limit this to 2-3 people per month.

I’m dropping the payment link here, and you can hit reply if you have questions or want to discuss.

(If you’re outside the US, that payment link may not work. If you run into trouble, contact me and we can make other arrangements.)

Rooting for you,


P.S. If done-for-you is outside your budget, remember that you can learn how to create these yourself here for a fraction of the price.

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