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I'm writing emails and tracking a criminal

what contrast

A crime has been committed

Yesterday I downloaded 4 different softwares that were supposed to enhance video using AI.

Because I needed to sharpen the image in order to read the license plate number.

A crime had been committed.

And the identity of the criminal was only a few pixels away.

But none of them worked. Maybe because the video was already 4k.

I tried manually editing.

The best result was from increasing the contrast.

This makes the lights lighter and the darks darker.

Now the license plate digits appeared to pop.

But did it end with “-X35”?

Was that an “H”?

I’m still working it out. Maybe I’ll reveal the criminal AND the crime tomorrow.

But for now, let’s stick with the idea of contrast.

Contrast doesn’t need to mean opposites:

Light versus dark

Up versus down.

Apple versus Microsoft.


Sometimes contrast is complimentary.

Like vanilla and chocolate.

Or peanut butter and jelly.

Or Martha Stewart and Snoop.

This is exactly why I’m a big fan of Rachelle Davis, the writer behind Damn Good Emails.


I was in marching band. She’s a rapper and a DJ.

I’ve been in Ryan Moran’s lake house. She’s been in Justin Goff’s swimming pool.

I once got lost in Puerto Vallarta. She once got kidnapped in Columbia.

The only things we seem to have in common are writing emails and having boring last names.

But our emails seem to contrast in a complimentary way.

This is why I’d like to encourage you to join her list.

If you like my emails, you’ll probably like hers, too.

And if you end up getting too much email every day?

Unsubscribe from Justin Goff.

(Sorry Justin. But you’ve never invited me to the pool.)

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the crime I’m investigating.

Today, subscribe to Rachelle Davis’ Damn Good Emails:

Damn Good Emails, LLCRachelle's free daily tips to maximize your marketing profits.

See you tomorrow,


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