Just for high ticket folks

but feel free to peek


If you’re not selling something that costs at least $1000, skip to the bottom.

Ok, for those of you who have a mid-ticket or high ticket offer, pay attention.

I know exactly what’s on your mind.

Some version of (I need more leads) (I need to generate more inbound) (I need more calls booked), basically (MOAR SALES).

Because it’s a fact that there’s a smaller Total Addressable Market at your price point.

Lower volume is no biggie if it’s offset by higher revenue per sale, but what about when the leads you’re generating don’t convert?

Doubly painful if you’re paying for those leads.

Other than making a new webbie and crossing your fingers, or badgering people to book a call and hope they show, what can you do?

Well, my friend Sue has something you should take a look at.

Sue has decades of experience writing for high ticket sellers, and she recently deployed her wisdom and experience into a new service.

Sue works with offer owners to craft a High Converting Email Course (HCEC) that pre-sells your offer to your best prospects and leads.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Present the HCEC as a free or low ticket lead magnet.

  2. New leads receive the HCEC automatically over 5 days.

  3. The HCEC educates the leads about the necessity and value of your offer.

  4. The final CTA is to make a purchase or book a call, whatever your current process is.

We’re not talking price today, but understand that Sue is not cheap.

But I have something special to share with you.

Sue has agreed to partner with me in giving away ONE (1) free HCEC for a well qualified subscriber.

(Well qualified means you have a proven $1000+ offer and a consistent traffic source for leads.)

If this is you, then simply click below to enter the giveaway!

Want to enter Sue's giveaway for a custom made HCEC?

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I’ll be in touch!


P.S. If you do not sell anything for $1000+ and skipped the body of the email, welcome to the P.S.

Later this week, I’m going to tell you how I’m using Facebook ads to generate profitable sales on Amazon while collecting a ton of customer data in a TOS-friendly way.

So stick around.


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