The late night infomercial email list?

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Have you heard of the concept of “be your own bank”?

Sometimes called “Infinite Banking”?

The rough idea is to use a special kind of life insurance policy to stash money that earns interest and can be borrowed against later, but is sheltered from taxation.

It’s a legit strategy, but-

It’s critical that you work with an advisor who understands how to set it up correctly, or you might end up in a world of hurt.

So you can either sign up with some guy running late night infomercials, or you can find someone that a trusted friend in your network recommends.

The reason I bring this up is because there are some parallels between this idea and building an email list.

Both can help you make money, provide protection from economic ups and downs, and be an insurance policy against unexpected disaster.

And just like the late night infomercial guy will whip up a policy for you if you call in the next 15 minutes, there are a lot of ways to end up with a list of email addresses in your email management software.

(Last year, a guy contacted me asking if I could help him send emails to a list of 40,000 addresses he had “bought.” He couldn’t figure out how to get Mail Chimp to allow him to send to this list, since none of them had actively opted in.

I had to tell him, bro. You are literally asking me how to send spam. Sorry, but no thanks.)

Listen, it’s tempting to look for shortcuts when you’re sitting at or near zero.

You hear stories of people making 5, 6, even 7 figures from a single email, and you want a slice of that.

Or maybe you’ve got a small list, and have tasted the power of email marketing.

“Wow, I made $500 sending to only 100 people. If I had 10,000 people, I could make $50,000 with a click!”

In either case, we tell ourselves that we “just need a bigger list” and then we’ve got it made in the shade.

But you see, this is only partly true.

If we had 10,000 high quality people on our list, we could do some damage.

But like with many things, it is difficult to maintain quality at scale.

When we set our sights on vanity metrics like list size, there are all kinds of ways we can build a big list of emails.

But who cares how many people we’re mailing if they don’t generate any revenue?

(Well, your email software does. Most of them charge you monthly for every name on your list, and/ or every individual email you send. Do you really want to pay for a bunch of zombies that never buy?)

I like to play a different game.

I’ve been helping people with their email lists for several years while running some of my own.

I am more interested in quality than quantity, because once you understand what creates quality, you can scale it to achieve quantity later.

Last year, one of my clients sent me this:

Instead of a bro high-five sales screenshot, this person let me know that my help had financially saved them.

And another client with a TINY email list had their best Q4 ever last year with my help:

That’s $11,318.95 in sales from a list that grew from 183 people to 263 people over the same time span.

(And let’s not forget my own “original” Black Friday offer that sold out last week and generated over $10,000 from a VIP list of less than 100 people.)

Quality > Quantity

This is why I’m creating Quality Control, a training on how to build a high quality list of eventual buyers, not randos, bots or freebie seekers.

This is NOT FOR YOU if you need to make something happen fast.

These techniques will require an investment of time, money, or both.

This is hard work, and there are no shortcuts.

But if you are serious about building the most valuable long-term asset in your business the right way, here are the details:

Session 1 - Tues Dec. 5th, 4PM ET

Session 2 - Wed Dec. 6th 4PM ET

Session 3 - Thu Dec. 7th 4PM ET

Recordings will be available within 24 hours if you are unable to make the live trainings, and everyone who joins will retain lifetime access to all recordings.

Just think, if you add even 100 high quality subscribers who each spend an average of $10 per month with this training, that’s an extra $1000 of revenue per month.

Because this is the foundation of an asset that pays you more and more over time, it would be completely reasonable to charge something north of $1000.

But I’m unreasonable, and have decided to charge only $399 for the live version of this training.

Hop in for a single payment of $399.


There is also an option for 6 monthly payments of $69.

We’ve got about 20 people committed so far, and it’s going to be a good time.

Decide soon, because the price goes up next week.


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