Like a Ferrari on Turo

if you have the means

“So, what exactly do you do?”

Here we go again. That awkward moment when I try to explain to a new acquaintance what I do for a living.

“I write emails. And people send me money. And I help other people write emails so people send them money.”

Blank stare.

“Then they send me more money.”


They usually think I’m joking. It makes no sense to them.

What I probably should say is that I’m a writer and writing coach.

And the type of writing I specialize in is the kind that prompts people to take very specific actions.

Like buying things.

“Aahhh,” they would say.

You see, the ability to lead people…to guide people…to persuade people with the written word…

…It’s one of the most “valuable” skillsets around.

In the past, it was used to spark revolutions and defend kingdoms.

Nowadays, it’s more often used to build fortunes.

And just like a Ferrari on Turo, you can either keep it for yourself or rent it out to others for big bucks.

The ability to write, and impact people’s behaviors and beliefs is the ability to write your own check.

It’s a skillset worth adding to your toolkit.

And you can do it the way I did, through trial and error, mistakes, struggle, learning the hard way over many years…

…Or you can take shortcuts.

Shortcuts like courses, coaching, mentorship…

Either way works, it just depends on how quickly you want to be good.

But today, I’ve got something special for you.

It’s a shortcut, but doesn’t cost anything more than a click and an opt in.

Get immediate access to a free 5-day course from some of the best in the biz:

Become A Prolific Writer In 7 Days

Digital Writers:

  • Tired of your writing getting zero attention online?

  • Looking to unlock new (& lucrative) opportunities?

  • Want to position yourself as a writer with authority (even if you’re a beginner)?

Then look no further! This FREE email course will help you:

  • Craft irresistible headlines to hook attention

  • Generate endless writing ideas in 30 minutes

  • Write in a niche you own (and differentiate yourself as a writer)

I’ve gone through this course, and think it’s quality.

Especially for zero dollars.

Anyways, have a good week.


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