He made $2.6MM after our Zoom meeting

I'm taking partial credit

I’ve shared a few stories about failed launches.

So today, let’s take a look at what happens when you do them right.

“MonkeyDM” contacted me back in March 2022, wanting some pointers on how to use email marketing to fully capitalize on his audience for a Kickstarter campaign.

 He already had a very engaged audience, about 50k YouTube subscribers, and about 40k on Instagram. They tuned in to his short form videos about obscure rules, tips and tricks for Dungeons & Dragons.

Now, he wanted to create a “content compendium” for other players to use, and launch it using Kickstarter.

We spent about an hour on Zoom together. I gave him some pointers and suggestions, but we didn't end up working together beyond that.


I didn’t hear from him for several months, but in July 2022, he sent me this:


30 days later, the campaign closed at an astounding $2,692,698.


I know many of you are asking, how did he do this? How can YOU do it as well?

 Like I mentioned, MonkeyDM already had an audience.


How did he get them? How did he grow his audience?


By creating and serving.


His YouTube shorts get hundreds of thousands of views within weeks or days.

If you’re a D&D player, they are entertaining and informative.

Heck, I think they’re entertaining and informative, and I’ve never played D&D in my life. 


The point is that MonkeyDM focused on value creation before ever trying to extract anything for himself.


By the time he launched is crowdfunding campaign, his fans were begging him to create something they could buy.


Go check out a couple of his short videos to see how easy this can be.


Notice what he is doing:

- speaking the language of his market

- entertaining them

- educating them

- he never tries to sell anything in his free content


Basically, he is building rapport and authority. So that when he does finally have an ask, his people come running to help.


And they came, to the tune of 2.6 million bucks.



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