Mailbox money? Try inbox money.

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If you’ve spent any time researching wealth creation, you may have heard of “mailbox money.”

It’s a catchy way to describe passive income, meaning it is money that shows up in your mailbox each month without you needing to do any extra work.

Contrast this with wages, or service based income, or even physical product sales.

If you have a job, you have to keep working to keep getting paid. Even if you have lots of paid vacation or PTO, if you quit working for 6 months, they’re gonna quit paying you at some point.

If you own a business and perform a service in exchange for money, your revenue is still tied directly to your input of time.

Quit delivering the service, and your revenue stream will dry up.

And finally, if you sell B2B equipment or supplies, or consumer goods, this applies to you as well.

Yes, maybe you can sell hundreds of units per day in an automated fashion, and have manufacturing and fulfillment completely outsourced, but you must constantly feed new inventory into the machine to keep it running.

Unfortunately, the more successful you are, the more challenging this becomes.

As sales velocity increases, you must feed more and more capital and other resources into the machine to meet inventory demand.

The machine devours cash faster than it spits it out on the other end.

As a result, the faster you grow the more cash-poor you become.

Now, let’s swing back to the idea of “mailbox money.”

Traditionally, this referred to things like stock dividends, interest from investments, or real estate rental income.

(Anyone who’s owned rental real estate understands that “passive” is a relative term.)

Essentially, revenue that is not tied directly to inputs of your time or energy.

The problem is, these types of investments typically have lower yields as the degree of passiveness increases, meaning you must make substantial investments in order to see meaningful amounts of revenue.

(For those of you who earned several pennies of interest from your bank savings accounts this year, you know what I mean.)

Fortunately, nowadays we have access to tools and resources to create sources of mailbox money without massive investments of capital.

If you’ve ever bought an eBook, or online course or training, you’ve contributed to someone else’s mailbox money.

Or more accurately, inbox money.

Creating a digital “product” that others will pay you for can seem very intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you have a solution to a common problem and can package it up in an easy-to-digest digital format, you’ve got the makings of your very own inbox money generator.

Personally, I’ve created training, courses and eBooks, but my very favorite format is probably the automated email series.

The problem with eBooks is that most people never open them.

The problem with courses is that most people never finish them.

And if your customers don’t consume the product, they aren’t going to get the result.

(Imagine buying a sleep aid supplement, and trying to get better sleep without actually taking the supplement. The customer must consume the product in order to get the result!)

However, by delivering an information-based solution through automated emails, consumption rates are far higher than eBooks, and completion rates are higher than courses.

This means you will deliver real results to a higher percentage of people, who will then be more willing to pay for other products and solutions you offer.

It also means you can charge real money to deliver this experience.

How much?

Anywhere from $5 up to $5000. (Ron Lynch, you’re a legend.)

Most of us mere mortals can successfully sell something in the $50 - $100 range as long as we are helping people achieve a real, tangible result.

And if you already have a decent sized audience or reliable traffic source, and could convert 10 % of them to buy your email-delivered solution, would that revenue be meaningful?

1000 subscribers x 10% conversion rate x $50 = $5000

and/ or…

200 new subscribers per month x 10% conversion rate x $50 = $1000 per month

Pretty cool, right?

Now you may be wondering how difficult it is to create an automated email series like this.

Well, it depends.

To do this well, you’ll need a very specific solution to a very specific problem, you’ll need to deliver the solution across a series of emails, and you’ll need to craft the emails themselves.

If you’re a great writer and can spin up a cohesive narrative across 10 emails while dripping valuable content that draws your reader along a very specific journey, you should get to work on one of these right away.

Crafting the exact 10 emails, pacing what happens in each one, and tying all 10 together in a cohesive way is the secret sauce that makes this work.

However, this is not everyone’s skill set.

However, however, it is my skill set.

Wanna jam?

If you believe you have an idea for a specific solution to a specific problem, I will work with you to craft a 10-part email sequence that delivers your solution.

Now, please understand this is a lot of heavy lifting for me.

If I were to charge per email, this would cost over $6000.

This kind of thing takes a lot of my time and brain power.

And to be honest, the investment doesn’t make sense on your end unless you already have an email list, an audience, or traffic source that you can stick this in front of.

But if you have the ability to sell 60 units of something priced around $50 within 30 days, this should be a no-brainer for you.

The cost to book me for one of these projects is $2990.

I am taking on a very small number of clients for Q1 2024, and the last chance to book me at this price is TODAY, Dec. 31, 2023.

Once the ball drops, the price goes up.

If you sign up, I will send you a survey and we will schedule a 1 on 1 in early January to plan out the project.

Then, within 30 days, I will deliver a 10-part email series that offers a specific solution to a specific problem your customers face.

And you can sell it over and over, with little to no extra input on your end.

It’s your own stream of inbox money.

If you want this, I’m dropping the payment link here.

Hit reply if you have questions or want to discuss.

Happy New Year,


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