Marketing Magic Ep. 3

how we'd make $1k in 48 hrs

GM to everyone who watches Marketing Magic, the weekly low-res Zoom recording that Ben and I turn into a YouTube podcast!

Who’s Ben?

He’s my Canadian friend who:

  • Trained himself to be a copywriter,

  • Helped a popular eCom brand scale from $100k/ month to multiple 8 figures in 12 months,

  • Then launched his own business and crossed $100k/ month within 6 months.

    He did ALL of this in the last 2 years.

In this episode, we chatted about how we’d each make $1k in 48 hours, discuss tips for non-needy networking, what courses under $1,000 we recommend buying, and why you should learn Facebook ads NOW.

Tune in here (39 min watch time):

And in the video, I mention that I’ve shared steeply discounted access to a 2-page Google doc that made over $10,000 in 7 days.

(Watch the video for details.)

One of the biggest road blocks I’ve seen people hit is building a landing page.

Or they skip it entirely, and send traffic to their home page, which barely converts.

But what if you could open a new Google doc, bang out some copy, paste a few images, and let ‘er rip 30 minutes later?

Q. Does it look sketchy?

A. You betcha.

Q. Do they convert?

A. Oh yes, even better than door-to-door missionaries.

Q. Does it work for eCommerce?

A. Well, I tested that on Saturday with a small Shopify store:

Want to learn more about this time-saving landing page alternative?

Let me know below:

Do you want to learn more about the high-converting landing page shortcut using Google docs?

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