For the nerds

Picard > Kirk

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I’m a long-time nerd.

I’ll explain why that matters to you in a moment.

But first I am going to flash my nerd credentials:

Growing up,

I liked Picard more than Kirk, and Kirk more than Solo.

I preferred “Chrono Trigger” to “Goldeneye.”

In 5th grade, I stayed inside during recess to read “The Lord of the Rings” instead of playing football.


I got a 34 on the ACT and a 1400 on the SAT.

I double-majored in molecular biology and biochemistry.

And was in the marching band.

Here’s how my lifetime of nerdom benefits you-

I am the kind of nerd who absorbs data, fuses it with creativity, then unleashes the hybrid creation on unsuspecting leads and customers.

A unique combination of psychological principles meshed with marketing tactics and technological tools.

The best part (for you) is that you can learn to do this too.

Even if you played football at recess.

The key is quality data + creativity.

And today I can help you with the first.

It’s already the secret weapon of many elite marketers.

A free, once-per-week data driven insight:

The latest marketing science in your inbox

Effective marketing is built on science, not opinions. 

Ariyh turns the latest scientific research into 3-min recommendations to improve your marketing.

For example, you’ll learn the latest science in:

  • Pricing & discounts

  • Ad creative optimization

  • Effective copy & messaging

Simple, actionable, and actually FACTUAL.

Join 25,000+ evidence-based marketers who get a new insight every Tuesday, for free.

Sign up, or don’t.

We can’t all be nerds.

Once everyone knows the tricks, some of them don’t work anymore.

Trickster or trickee,

I’ve made my choice.

Yours is up to you.

Back tomorrow,


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