Not actually free.

not yet at least...

Happy Thumb Your Nose at Authority Day to those who celebrate.


True freedom in this world requires financial freedom, so very few people are actually free.

Let’s see what we can do about that today…

Want the most fundamental secret to making more money with your email list?

Make sure you’ve got the right people on your list in the first place.


If you want to attract buyers, you need to know what makes people buy stuff.

(Not what makes them desire stuff, but what triggers the decision to buy.)

People desire what they do not have.

By definition, as soon as they have it, they no longer desire it.

This is why we have buyer’s remorse.

Every transaction is a trade.

Unless you’re bartering, our customers trade money for the thing we provide.

A trade…

One thing for another.

The BUYING DECISION is made when their desire for our thing exceeds their desire for the money they must exchange…

But consider this- if the buyer has a great deal of desire for money, then it tips the balance of value away from the transaction.

Who has strong desire for money?

People desire what they do not have.

Folks who are broke are less likely to part with the money they DO have…

Not just out of logical necessity, but due to strong, deep subconscious programs.

(Sometimes these programs stick around even after the money situation has changed. There are plenty of wealthy people who are stingy af, because they are psychologically stuck in broke mode.)

What’s the point?

Be very careful about attracting folks who desire money more than your offer.

Even though you may have the solution to all of their problems, they are simply not willing to pay for it (even after they are able to pay for it.)

If you lead too strongly with discounts and justifications about your cost, you are speaking to the people who struggle to justify the cost.

Make sense?

Instead, the SAME amount of effort directed towards people with less money scarcity will yield EXPONENTIALLY greater results.

See? I’ve given you the secret to building a list that makes money.

And a list that makes money can lead to financial freedom.

Happy 4th,


P.S. I understand that getting this right can be a monumental mind shift, especially if we have any lingering “broke mode” in our own subconscious.

If you have a decent sized list that fizzles out any time you try to send a promo, you might be speaking to the wrong people without even realizing it.

Things won’t change until you can shine a light on this and get it fixed.

Do you want a hand with this?

Are you worried that you're attracting non-buyers and want to fix this?

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