How I passively grow my list

the easier way

How to passively grow your email list

“How do I get new subscribers?”

Whenever I ask a group of people what their #1 email marketing question is, this is always the most common response.

I have two answers. A harder way and an easier way.

The harder way:

  • You need a messaging hook.

  • You need consistent good content.

  • You need a consistent source of high quality traffic.

Driving the traffic either requires time (organic social media) or money (Meta ads).

This is where people get stuck.

Social media content is a grind, and a lot of people struggle to get any traction.

And Meta ads can be very expensive to figure out before they work.

Luckily, there’s a new way to passively grow your email list that few are taking advantage of.

The easier way:

  • Co-registration networks

You may have no idea what this is, so let me explain.

But first of all, how did you find Email Magic?

Some of you signed up on my website.

But many of you joined right after signing up for a different email list or newsletter, right?

Then, you were presented a pop up with a handful of “other publications you may be interested in.”

Email Magic was one of the “other publications.”

And now you are here.

That is co-registration.

Essentially, it is a way to tap into existing traffic of people signing up for newsletters and email lists.

The traffic that other publications or list owners are driving using the harder way.

Of course, there are downsides.

Subscriber quality is generally lower than the harder way, because they are joining your list as an afterthought.

You need to wow them quickly if you want them to stick around and engage.

And, these subscribers cost money.


You can play both sides of a co-registration network, meaning you get paid to recommend other newsletters when people sign up for your list.

Ultimately, I recommend both of these methods. They work best when used together.

If you want to check out one of the networks I use that is compatible with nearly any email service provider, learn about SparkLoop here.

(That’s an affiliate link.)

Happy to answer any questions about this, hit reply if you have one.


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