This was petty

but still makes me chuckle

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In my second-to-last “job” before becoming an unemployable entrepreneur, I had to sometimes make slide decks to present to my boss, and sometimes his bosses.

Lots of graphs showing the difference between the red dots and the green dots.

(Yes, the colors were important. Keep reading.)

You see, my boss was an uptight micromanager. Which made me get all frustrated.

He wanted to know every detail about what I was doing…

But I knew more than him.

I’d start using words and concepts he didn’t fully understand, which made him get all frustrated.

But he didn’t want to look like a fool by asking me to slow down or dumb down.

So he’d pretend to understand, while eying me suspiciously the whole time.

He really didn’t like me. But he needed me. I was the best person he had on the team.

Then one day, he let slip that he was colorblind. The red/green variety.

And conveniently, I was scheduled to present the results of a big study to the entire company later that week.

I opened up my slides, and made some edits.

Nothing major, just changed a few colors.

When I gave my presentation, my boss turned red.

(Which ironically, he would not have known by looking at himself.)

I had changed every graph, table, any visual representation between group A and group B to be the colors he couldn’t tell apart.

Te hee…

Everyone else in the company enjoyed my presentation. I even got a couple of back slaps from the execs.

Petty, I know. But sure was funny at the time.

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