Real life Inception

implanted in your brain

Why are you doing this?

The entrepreneurship thing.

Entrepreneurship is hard work.

What made you want to do this?

What’s your WHY?

Hold the answer in your thoughts.

I’m going to do the magic trick where I guess the card you picked and pull it out of the deck.

But first,

The real answer is that “your WHY” was probably implanted in your head by someone else.

Without you noticing.

Without them noticing.

Here’s what happened.

You were feeling unsettled. Anxious. Incomplete.

Unfocused… Desire without FORM.

But then you saw someone doing a thing… living a life… that appealed to you.

And you wanted it.

THEIR desire gave FORM to your UNFORMED desire.

Suddenly, you wanted the same things they had.

You wanted the same things they wanted:

“A Laptop Lifestyle.”

“A Million Dollar Business.”

“A 4-Hour Workweek.”

Did you have any desire for these things before you were aware of them?


They are simply the FORM that you underlying, primal desire has been molded into.

By someone else.

But the underlying, primal desire was one of two things:



Think about it.

Examine your WHY.

And try to remember when it was born.

When it took it’s current FORM.

Think hard…

It was implanted, wasn’t it?

The phenomenon is called Mimetic Desire.

And my friend Ben and I nerded out about it last Friday:

Master this real life Inception technique and you’ll eventually have everything you’ve ever….desired.


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