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New subscriber Bill asked me a great question the other day:

engagement question

It’s true, I encourage Email Magic readers to engage with my emails.

If you reply to one of my emails or reach out and ask me an unsolicited question, I personally reply back.

Sometimes I even answer the question with a personalized Loom video.

To answer Bill’s question, yes, at some point this will become impossible.

But it isn’t yet.

And something I've learned from peers and mentors building lists, social media followings, or eCom brands, is that one of the fastest ways to scale is to do the unscalable.

Do the things that the bigger guys can't do-

Reply to every comment. Send a hand-written thank you card with every order. Personally reply to every email.

For example, anyone with access to the internet can supposedly learn how to make one hundred million dollars from Alex Hormozi’s free content.

If you haven’t already, go join his millions of social media followers, take his free courses and let me know when you’ve reached the $100MM milestone.

But if you have a question along the way, try emailing Alex and let me know what happens.

In contrast, I have yet to make a hundred million dollars.

But plenty of people seem to think I’ve helped them launch and scale their businesses.

All while I consistently generate an average of $10 per subscriber per month.

(Like this:)

Land Your First Client In 5 Steps

Freelance Writers:

  • Tired of getting paid per hour (or worse, per word?)

  • Still relying on inconsistent word-of-mouth referrals?

  • Ready to step off the freelancer hamster wheel?

Then you’re in luck! 

  • Craft an irresistible offer

  • Charge premium prices

  • Land your first $5,000 client

You see, engagement and personal connection are the lifeblood of monetization.

The rapport I build with my readers gives me the right to occasionally make a pitch or put an ad in front of them.

At some point, yes, you must stop or delegate these “unscalable” things.

But doing them now helps you get to that point faster.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, feel free to hit reply and share.

I’ll respond to every one.


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