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Yesterday, I explained what happened when I sent a Black Friday offer preview to my premium subscribers.

(You can read the original email here.)

TL:DR, they asked to sign up on the spot and it’s already sold out.

That means I only have 48 hours to think up something else for Friday.

I brainstormed some broad pain points associated with running an email list, and put them up to vote.

Here are the results:


It sounds like the biggest struggle is growing the list.

Now as a reminder, you don’t necessarily need a huge list.

This time last year, I was working with an eCommerce client who had an email list of less than 300 people.

In November, we did over $4000 through email, and close to $6000 in December:


That’s an average of $23.56 per subscriber per month, which is something like 20x - 50x the average subscriber value for an eCom brand.

And the offer I mentioned earlier, the one that’s sold out?

I only put it in front of ~ 80 people and generated over $10,000 in revenue.

This is the power of a high quality list, combined with an offer with perfect product/ market fit.

Therefore, if I create a training or other resource about list building, it is not going to include volume-based tactics like giveaways, website visitor scraping, or cheap lead gen ads.

(I’ve used them all, and have decided that I don’t like any of them.)

That means that the list building techniques I teach are going to require effort on your part to implement.

They will require an investment of time, money, or both.

There are no shortcuts.

If you’re still determined to work with me on something like this, it would probably look like 2-3 live training sessions, 60-90 min each.

We would explore both organic and paid strategies, but the focus would be on attracting high quality subscribers who are buyers, not freebie-seekers.

Because if I can help you add even 100 high quality subscribers who each spend an average of $10 per month, that’s an extra $1000 of revenue per month.

I firmly believe that paid trainings like this should quickly pay for themselves, or what’s the point?

That’s why I wouldn’t want to charge any more than $399 for something like this.

But the other consideration is that I could not justify the time cost to create this for only a small handful of people.

That is why I’d like to ask your honest opinion today.

If I could help you begin to build a high quality list that quickly paid for this training, would you want that?

Please let me know how committed you’d be to this. If I don’t have enough interest by Friday morning, I’m going to have to scrub the whole thing.

Keep an eye out for the results!

Have a great week


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