The second-most powerful emotion

"Inside Out" did him dirty

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Not my favorite topic, but it’s vitally important to understand.

Both as a creator and a consumer.

The next 500 words could help you become rich.

Or avoid losing everything.

To begin, let’s take a look at Bitcoin.

I had a friend come to me in late January, 2018, worried sick.

He had hopped on the hype train in December as BTC touched $20,000 USD, but since then it had fallen nearly 50%.

He was down a LOT of money and was deciding whether to hold or sell.

He couldn’t afford to lose it all….

…but what if it went back up?

He ended up selling with a ~ 50% loss, but a year later was patting himself on the back for doing so.

Because it continued to fall, and was down near $3000 USD in Jan 2019.

My friend congratulated himself on his genius, until 2 years later when BTC shot back up to $20k USD, then $40k, then $60k.

“I missed out again,” he told me.

You see, he had a long track record of this kind of thing.

Discovering new opportunities from normie media, at the same time everyone else did.

He’d follow the herd on the way up, and again on the way down.

He’d perfected “buying high and selling low.”

Some say that these cycles are driven by greed, then fear.

But they’re wrong.

It’s just fear.

Fear of missing out on the way up,

And fear of loss on the way down.

These are automatic responses that are baked into our biology at the deepest levels.

The purpose of fear is to keep us safe,

But often does exactly the opposite.

What do we do with this?

If you are a creator, producer, or seller of any kind, you must understand the power that fear has in influencing decisions.

(Please be ethical.)

But as a consumer, you should do everything in your power to inoculate yourself against the irrational power of fear.

One way to do this is to keep a step ahead of normie media regarding new and emerging opportunities,

While avoiding the distraction of tumbling down rabbit holes.

Basically, you need to regularly consume the headlines from the cutting edge, so you can greatly expand your awareness without sacrificing too much focus and attention.

Make sense?

This is what I personally do with AI at the moment.

I follow the cutting edge news in the space at a surface level using sources like The Rundown newsletter.

I dabble with new tech, and have incorporated a few into my stack where helpful.

I’m far from being an “AI guy,” but find that I’m 1-2 YEARS ahead of my normie friends in understanding and using the technology.

Sources like The Rundown are small levers that move large mountains.

If you’re on the fringes of the AI space, and want to stay informed with a 5 minute per day commitment, hop on to The Rundown for free and thank me in a few months (or years).

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