The secret to overnight superpowers

Ethical cheating

“Keep your eyes on your own work!”

Back in school, we were only graded on our own work.

We were told:

  • Don’t copy the answers from the smart kid in front of you.

  • And don’t share your answers with the pretty brunette to your left.

Both were considered cheating.

But much later, I learned that this is not the way the real world works.

Living like that will keep you unhappy and broke.

However, doing the opposite will fill your pockets (and the pockets of others) with jingle-jangle.

The recipe for success?

You should definitely copy answers from the smart kid. (Hire him as a consultant.)

You should definitely find ways to help the pretty blond (the popular new influencer with 100,000 engaged followers.)

Working with others isn’t cheating, it’s collaboration.

It’s how we can instantly counter our weaknesses while amplifying our strengths.

In the past, I was the “smart kid” who hid my answers from others.

But I slowly realized no one was paying me for all those solo “A’s”.

Therefore, when I became a full-time business owner 9 years ago, I did so with 2 partners.

We all had different skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses. We made a great team.

And instead of getting smacked with a ruler, we crossed a million dollars in revenue within the first 7 months.

Since then, I have helped dozens of businesses to launch new products and brands, scale past 7 figures in annual revenue, and to create pitches to raise capital from investors.

And I am constantly looking for new ways to collaborate, to help people “cheat on the test” instead of cramming for the exam by themselves.

So if you are actively building an email list or email newsletter, here are a few ways we can work together:

  • Subscribe to Email Magic, and open and read every email I send you. These weekly newsletters are a distillation of everything I’ve learned working with dozens of founders, plus the new stuff I’m currently working on.

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One more thing. I’m currently burning through $5,000 in ad spend to bring new readers to Email Magic in a collaborative way.

Next week, I’ll have some prelim results to share with you.

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