Sipping coffee with a salted rim

a tad salty

Input: A feeding tube plumbed directly to your brain, delivering a steady diet of TikTok.

Output: Regurgitated platitudes so obvious and generic as to be indistinguishable from the most nerfed of AI chatbots.

Good morning.

Today I’m sipping coffee with a salted rim.

A sprinkle of baking chocolate,

Garnished with a lemon slice.

Salty. Sour. Bitter.

It’s the aftertaste from much of the “content” I find…

…or that finds you.

Just as we fill up on fast food, junk food, form with no substance,

We are tempted fill our brains with what’s fast, convenient, and easily digestible.

No reading the labels first.

But is it fuel?

An attention span conditioned to crave…

…To require a 7 second drip of dopamine…

With this input, what can we expect of the output?

What chance do we have of building something great, if we are building with styrofoam bricks and glue sticks?

I don’t mean to wag a finger at you.

Frequently I’m just as guilty.

But I’ve been working on a fix.

Every couple of years, a new fad diet explodes in popularity.

We recognize the need to regulate our inputs.

But where are the guidelines for consuming information?

Because you are what you think.

Foggy? Fuzzy? Sluggish? Stuck?

Quick check in, what does your brain feel like at this very moment?

Like public WiFi? A flickering 1 bar of reception?

Head nod = You may need a reboot and information reload.

High quality inputs lead to high performance outputs.

Before I go any deeper, I need to know if you care.

Want to learn about optimizing your outputs by optimizing your inputs?

*Response required.

Our output is determined by our inputs. Want to optimize your info input strategy?

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