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Slightly unhinged, but with chocolate chips

take a bite

Since I’m speaking to a bunch of entrepreneurs…

Have you ever had a late-night group brainstorming session that went off the rails?

(Possibly involving libations or other substances?)

It’s a common occurrence, and one that sometimes results in legit billion-dollar ideas….

…only to be forgotten by morning.

Honestly, some of our very best, most creative ideas come to us when we’re not trying to “make something happen.”

Don’t you wish you’d collected all of these half-baked ideas over the years, so you could later clean them up, comb their hair, and turn them into something presentable?

Well, I have good news.

The good folks over at Half Baked have done exactly that.

They cook up innovative, unique, and slightly unhinged ideas on a regular basis, and serve them up weekly.

It’s a mashup of legit brilliant ideas and sugar-fueled ravings of lunatics, which makes for a delightful mix of inspiration and entertainment.

Seriously, one of the most enjoyable 5 minutes in my inbox.

I recently rabbit-holed their archive, and found dozens of truly excellent ideas.

And a few laugh-out-louds (for entertainment purposes only).

I feel both attacked and intrigued

And I’m not the only one who thinks so:

If you want to see what a truly unique, differentiated, and value-packed newsletter looks like, subscribe to Half Baked.

It is a gem, and a great example of how to win at the newsletter game by creating something special.

”I come for the business ideas, stay for the memes” - Every Half Baked Subscriber.

Here’s the 1-click link:

Half BakedThe World's #1 Business Idea Newsletter

See you inside,


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