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He sold me his $24,000 thing in the DMs

happy customer

“Here’s the deets! You in?”

The next message he sent through the chat was a link to a Google doc.

I read through it, nodded my head, and clicked to a payment link for $24,000.

(Full disclosure - I took the payment plan.)

Looking back, I still view that as one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

And one of the best, most good-feeling sales processes I’ve ever been through.

Naturally, I implemented the same system in my own business.

The result?

The $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 things I sell are all done without any sales calls.

And for the most part, the only people who even know those things exist are the people who have specifically asked to see them.

Because it would probably make things weird between us if I carpet bombed you with high ticket offers every day, right?

The system I use to make higher-value back end sales without calls is one I learned from a trusted mentor.

And recently, I struck a deal with him to offer his training to my own audience.

This is not a thing for everyone.

But if you have something $1000+ to sell, maybe this could increase your close rate with a lot less stress?

I’ll be sharing more details soon, but only if you’re interested in hearing them. LMK below:

(I messed up a setting on this poll, so seems to happen after you click an option. However, the responses are being recorded on the back end.)

Would it be useful to learn a "no sales call" selling technique for high and mid-ticket sales?

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