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The Problem

Everyone who runs a business fundamentally needs two things:

  1. Something to sell.

  2. Someone to sell to.

But many people focus on one or the other, not both.

The #1 folks have a cool idea, create it, throw it on Amazon or a Shopify store, then sit around twiddling their thumbs wondering why no one is buying.

The #2 folks have unlocked the mystery of attention (social media followers, a viral video, etc) but now don’t know what to do with it.

Today, I want to lend a hand to the #1 folks.

And to assure you that you’re in good company.

Most people have a traffic problem.

And while you’re probably aware that solutions include organic social media, paid ads, SEO, influencers, etc…

Every single one has strong elements of uncertainty, intimidation, and overwhelm.

Which is why so many people get stuck here.

But there’s one massive opportunity that few have known how to tap into…

But now, it’s available to everyone.

The New Opportunity

If you’re here, you are probably aware that email is the most profitable, highest converting marketing channel available to you.

But building an email list is another thing that’s uncertain, intimidating, and overwhelming.

But what if I told you it was possible to “rent” space in other people’s niche-specific emails?

For example, if you are a veteran and your business caters to other veterans, what if my friend Tim ran a promo for you to his newsletter of 35,000+ fellow vets?

[Tim and all vets, thank you for your service. 🫡 ]

There is an explosion of new, niche-specific newsletters popping into existence right now.

And these newsletter operators NEED businesses to promote to monetize their efforts.

But as you can imagine, the challenge has been getting these two groups of people matched up in an efficient way.

However, the good folks at Beehiiv, the fastest-growing newsletter platform in the world, are solving this problem.

They are building a platform that efficiently matches up people with something to sell and people with people to sell to.

I want you to understand that the niche newsletters on their platform represent access to many millions of potential customers.

And that number is constantly growing.

If YOU have something to sell, and would like more access to people to sell to, you should consider using the Beehiiv Ad Network in your marketing mix.

This channel is best suited to businesses with some traction and/ or an ad budget, but you can get more details below to see if this is an opportunity you want to tap into.

One last thing-

Right now, this is extremely NEW.

There is more ad space inventory than advertisers, meaning this is underpriced attention (ie pretty cheap).

As more advertisers discover and use this channel, ad costs will go up.

Remember when Google ads were pennies per click?

Or Facebook ads were $1 per conversion?

Right now, newsletter placements are as cheap as they will ever be.

If you are in a position to take advantage of this opportunity, I’d move on it:

Use the beehiiv Ad Network to advertise across hundreds of newsletters.

Wondering how you can sponsor hundreds of newsletters at once, without spending hours managing campaigns? 

The beehiiv Ad Network delivers 800 million impressions a month across hundreds of the world's top newsletters, paid on performance. 

Our managed service enables you to unlock newsletters as a growth channel without the added time. 

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