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The thing you learned in college that's keeping you stuck

and the remedy

I spent 4.5 years and over $50,000 getting my undergraduate degree.

After graduation, I was dismayed to learn that the going rate for beginners in my industry was less than $15/ hour.

(Yes this was over 20 years ago, but $15/ hour was a crappy wage back then, too.)

Contrast that with what I do now…

The skills I use every day were learned with the help of books, online courses, and mentors.

I can whip up a short email and click send, and make more than a year’s worth of college tuition.

And I charge quite a bit more than $15/ hour for my 1 on 1 time.

It turns out that the right training and experience are massive value multipliers, and they’re not that hard to find.

But there’s a problem.

Most people bring their previous learning habits into the world of self-directed online learning, and guess what?

Your previous learning habits hurt more than help.

-Did you get through school by cramming for tests?

-By “stuffing” essays, research papers, and term papers with fluff to meet the minimum page count?

-And by hopping from subject to subject each hour, and from topic to topic within each subject every couple of days?

Of course you did.

Because your formal education was a process of “checking boxes,” both for you, your instructors, and the institutions.

Once the exams were taken and the grades posted, no one cared if you remembered any of it 6 months later.

But in the real world, these cheap, disposable learning habits are devastating.

Because they only sort of work in the short term, and don’t work at all in the long term.

Which means all the time and money you invest into learning new things…

It’s like pouring very expensive water into a bucket full of holes.

Be honest, how many hours of podcasts, audio books, and YouTube videos meant to help you learn some business skill have you watched in the last 12 months?

How much of them do you remember?

What about the courses and trainings you’ve purchased?

Did you finish them?

Do you remember them?

Did you implement them?

If you answered no, that’s a lot of time and money spent with no tangible return.

Listen, if you’re a leaky bucket when it comes to learning, it’s not your fault.

You were given the wrong tools for the job and never knew any better.

But better tools exist, ones that can help you maximize your investments of time and money.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve partnered with an expert on learning optimization, and that he’s giving a special training next week.

More details to follow, but is this something you’d want?

Would you like strategies and secrets that will maximize your future learning?

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