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If you wanna be free, you gotta get out of the “time = money” trap.

This means you need to focus on and invest in leverage.

Things you spend time on once that pay you over and over.

One important way to do this is through content repurposing.

For example, I have a handful of emails that I’ve run multiple times and they have generated revenue each time.

(And I bet you didn’t notice…)

Another popular way to do this is to create long form video content, then chop it up into several short form clips.

The problem is, this is easier said than done.

Video editing takes a LOT of work, especially if you’re a noob.

I’ve tested a couple of software tools that promise to simplify and/ or speed this up, but haven’t found anything jaw dropping.

Until now.

I just found a new tool that multiplies my time significantly for a very small amount of money (Free plan available).

It’s called Opus Clip, and here’s a quick rundown of why I like it-

First of all, you can feed it videos directly from content sites like YouTube, Rumble, or Vimeo. You can also feed it Zoom videos stored on the cloud. No need to upload the raw video files or link from a very specific cloud storage account (Looking at you, CapCut.)

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Second, the software intelligently identifies hooks and content highlights, splicing from different segments of the long video.

Third, it auto captions in multiple styles.

Fourth, it includes AI B-roll.

Fifth, text-based AND timeline based editor, with AI powered space and filler removal.

Sixth, multiple aspect ratios, social media post scheduling, and a proprietary virality score.

This thing checks a lot of boxes.

Finally, this isn’t one of those “book a demo” teases to get you on a sales call for a $1000/ month monstrosity.

Instead, they offer a 7-day free trial of all features, no credit card required.

Afterwards, there’s a free plan available, and the full-feature Pro plan is currently available for $114 per year.

For better or worse, things like this are an impulse buy for me. I’ve already started my free trial, and plan to go Pro next week.

The only minor complaint I have so far is that the processing time on the free plan is a little long. Thankfully, it looks like Pro accounts get priority processing.

Bottom line-

If you need more short form video to grow your own social media following or generate more traffic and lead flow to your business, Opus Clip is something you should check out.

At the very least, sign up for the free trial today and continue on the free plan until it makes sense to upgrade.

The secret to growing on LinkedIn in 2024

The secret to growing on LinkedIn in 2024

There's a rising demand for high-quality video content on LinkedIn. This presents a major opportunity for brands (and thought leaders) ready to step in.

Here’s how you can capitalize:

  1. Grab your company's existing video assets, like interviews or webinars

  2. Generate dozens of clips using OpusClip

  3. Schedule your whole month’s worth of video clips on LI using our new Calendar feature

  4. Reply to comments on your videos to foster your new connections

Want the full breakdown, with examples from companies like SaaStr and Chili Piper? Read it for free here

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