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Coming at you with a useful tool…

If you’re using (or trying to use) AI for content generation- especially if it’s social media, email or website copy, chances are you’re doing a horrible job.

This assessment is nothing personal, but it’s based on dozens (maybe hundreds) of landing pages and social media posts I’ve evaluated in the last year.

People will use a free LLM like ChatGPT 3.5 and ask it do to something with no context…

write a title and three bullet points to sell my silicone spatula set for busy moms.” 

And then they’ll get something stupid like this and cut and paste:

“Title: "Mom's Kitchen Sidekick: Silicone Spatula Set for Effortless Cooking 🍳"

  • Time-Saving Solutions: Our silicone spatula set streamlines meal prep with versatile tools designed to handle everything from stirring and scraping to spreading and folding, helping busy moms whip up delicious dishes in record time. ⏰

  • Family-Friendly Design: Crafted with durable materials and ergonomic handles, these spatulas are perfect for busy kitchens and little hands alike, making cooking with kids a fun and stress-free experience. 👩‍👧‍👦

  • Easy Cleanup: Enjoy mess-free cooking and cleanup with our dishwasher-safe spatulas that resist stains and odors, ensuring that mom spends less time scrubbing and more time with her loved ones. 🧽”

That’s not copywriting. That’s cardboard.

See, LLM’s work by producing the most statistically probable next character, over and over and over.

It is unoriginal by definition. Designed to spit out the most obvious, bland, plain vanilla thing possible.

(Sure, go ahead and “train” a model on your brand voice. Then see what happens when OpenAI pushes the next model update.)

The pros have figured out how to get AI to write real copy, but they are working their tails off all the time to keep it working.

(Kinda like hiring a bunch of Gen Z employees.)

So today, I want to show you a cool tool called Anyword.

It overlays with any generative AI tool you use (ChatGPT, Claude, Jasper, etc) but evaluates the quality in the content of marketing utility.

It’s easier to show a screenshot if Anyword at work:

It’s a tool that keeps the AI working for you consistently.

(Kinda like a Millennial shift manager.)

If you’re already investing into paid AI tools to generate content and copy, take a look at Anyword as an affordable “QC department/ Copy Chief” … or insurance policy.

More details here:

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