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Want an email list of people who hate you?

me either

Do you want to pay good money to build an email list of people who either ignore you or hate you?

Seems like a silly question.

And yet, I see people out there spending $500 - $1000 per month to do exactly that.

Before we go there, let me ask you a different question:

  1. How many eCommerce email lists are YOU subscribed to?

  2. Of those, how many did you subscribe to AFTER making a purchase on Amazon?

If you’re like me, the answer to #1 is a small number, and #2 is very close to zero.

Be honest. Have YOU ever personally scanned a QR code on an insert because you were genuinely interested in the offer (not funnel hacking)?

Have YOU ever excitedly discovered that some Amazon brand put you on an email list without your consent and is bombarding you with template emails once per day?

Yes I know, we are more “sophisticated” than the average Amazon customer.

But knowing what the average conversion rates are on this garbage, we can also assume that the average Amazon customer is not simply some cretin with a credit card.

These tactics reek of desperation.

And customers catch a whiff of that stench even through a computer or smartphone screen.

Back to the answer for #1, the eCommerce lists I am willingly subscribed to…

WHY am I subscribed?

Is it to snag the next 15% off coupon?


Is it because they bribed me with a 12-page GPT-generated PDF containing a badly reworded blog post? (cough “eBook” cough.)


Is it because they offered a giveaway and then I ended up “subscribed” to no less than 47 different email lists all trying to pitch me at the same time?


It’s because I like their vibe.

It’s because I found THEM, then discovered their products.

For example, I buy my deodorant from this brand.

I found the brand before I made my first purchase.

Sometimes I buy it on Amazon, other times from the website.

But if the seller who sells the smartphone webcam mount I just ordered on Amazon tries to email me,

I will report them as spam and hopefully destroy their domain reputation.

Even if their product is great, I do not want to hear from them ever again.

Because they are just another anon Amazon seller that I do not care about.

Bottom line is this.

Not one single Amazon customer ever wants to hear from you again.

To them, you are a product with a decent main image, title, price, and reviews.

If you want to slide into their inbox, you MUST do it BEFORE they find you on the ‘Zon.

And this is exactly what my Amazon Audience Accelerator teaches you how to do.

I’m hosting a live training later this month, but I’m limiting the number of attendees.

When I shared this system with a small number of beta testers last year, I charged between $500 - $1000 each.

And I haven’t decided yet if this time, I should make it cost a lot less or a lot more.

Keep an eye out for more details…

In the meantime, check out this pod episode I did last week with my friend Ben.

After running his brand on Shopify for the last 12 months and hitting a $1MM run rate, he finally launched on Amazon last week.

He’s already up to double-digit unit sales per day, and hasn’t even turned on PPC.

If you want to hear how he’s doing this, give us a listen:

Good talk.


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