🪄Want to write d@mn good emails?

the Tuesday Tease

In case you haven’t noticed, I make money by writing emails.

This means that my emails have to be good enough to keep people coming back for more, while also generating revenue in a way that doesn’t make people bail.

It can be a delicate balance.

That is why I am constantly working to improve my craft.

In looking for inspiration and potential mentors, I keep an eye out for

1. copy that draws me in and

2. makes me want to buy.

Checking both boxes, one of my new favorite email lists to be on is Damn Good Emails by Rachelle Davis.

Rachelle is a talented copywriter, and I promise you’ll learn some ninja word wizardry by signing up for her list.

Even better, tell her I sent you and she might invite you to join her free business mastermind group.

(Not only am I in there, but she’s collected an impressive crew- from beginners to 8 figure CEOs.)

Sign up below before you forget:

Damn Good Emails, LLCRachelle's free daily tips to maximize your marketing profits.

Another thing-

Last Friday, I hosted a live BFCM Strategy Sesh for all Mail Mages, my Premium subscribers.

And I’ve decided to share one of the most effective strategies from the call in tomorrow’s newsletter.

(This single strategy could help you 2x-3x your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday revenue, especially if you have multiple SKUs for sale or multiple offers planned.)

See you tomorrow,


P.S. If you’re a Mail Mage Premium subscriber, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say there are only 2 of the things left. If you want one, you know what to do.

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