I wanted to be a writer

if only I knew this...

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a writer.

I loved the sense of fulfillment and purpose I felt when I crafted a story that captured other people’s attention.

And when I was able to make people feel something, it felt like real power.

But I was also practical.

I knew that the odds of financial success were low for new fiction writers.

So I took the “smart” path, and began a career in science instead.

It took over a decade to make my way back to writing.

To finally recapture the feeling of fulfillment and purpose…..and power.

I often wonder…if I had known about copywriting back then…

…Or known that there were people who would pay many thousands of dollars for someone else to write their emails, their sales pages, their social media posts…

-But that kind of thinking is a waste of time.

My own journey cannot be re-traveled, and I am happy to point out shortcuts along the path for those who are just embarking.

Humor me for a moment, as I speak to my 19-year old self:

Yes, you can make a living by writing.

Yes, you can become a 0.1% top income earner if you’re any good.

Yes, this is a skillset that can be learned and continually improved upon.

Go for it. The world needs your unique creativity more than your pipetting skills.

Which reminds me:

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Anyways, have a good weekend.


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