Worst way to start the day

classic blunder

This morning, I committed one of the classic blunders.

No, nothing to do with land wars in Asia or Sicilians….

I started reading my emails before I’d done any work.

Why was this a blunder?

Because depending on what’s waiting in your inbox, your valuable time and attention may be stolen from you.

That’s what happened to me today.

You see, I typically do my best creative work between 5:30 - 9:30 AM.

It’s my Prime Time.

But this morning, I opened an email that sucked all of the creative vitality from my brain and replaced it with anger and indignation.

Someone complaining to me. About me.

With other people copied on for good measure.

Classic Karen move.

Instead of using my best energy to entertainingly share knowledge and help others, I was forced to draw my sword and shield to deflect arrows.

A tragic waste of time and energy.

I shared my opinion about polluting your mind with the Nooze earlier, but you must also carefully control when you consume ALL information, including your own emails, DM’s, and notifications.

Avoid ALL of these first thing in the morning.

If you do not, you are handing over control of your entire day to someone else.

Very Risky. Very Foolish.

Tomorrow, I’ve got some specific, helpful suggestions for how and when to efficiently consume the right inputs, so that your outputs are as good as they can be.

Remember- All of your outputs today are a result of your past inputs.

Don’t like your outputs? Improve your inputs.

Better inputs = Better outputs.

Seems so simple.

But so important.

The rest of my day is booked with paid coaching calls.

They each deserve my best self.

I’m gonna go pop some Lion’s Mane and Alpha-GPC, and ignore all notifications for the rest of the day.

The most loving thing you could do for yourself is to do the same.

Back tomorrow,


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