You’re making this too hard

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You’re making this too hard.







It seems logical, right? If you want to create your own business, there’s so much to learn and do:

What to sell.

Who to sell it to.

Why they want it.

Where to find them.

How to convert to a sale.

Sourcing, manufacturing, creating, marketing, selling, building, bookkeeping, managing, outsourcing, hiring, scaling….


Today, I want to give you a breather. I want to remind you of the underlying simplicity of what you are trying to do,

And give you an unexpected insight that may relieve some of your burden.

To create revenue, you only need two things:

-Something to sell.

-Someone to sell to.

The problem is that most people focus on one or the other, and have trouble doing both.

-eCommerce types tend to focus on the first.

-Content creators and audience builders tend to focus on the second.

Once people have one, they tend to spin their wheels trying to figure out the other.

But here’s the funny thing-

You can end up with something to sell and someone to sell to without creating either one yourself!

(Watch this. I try to use my expensive Chemistry degree at least once per year.)

In Chemistry, there are things called “catalysts.” They are chemicals that help chemical reactions to occur, but they only help out. They do not fully participate.

A catalyst will help A and B become AB faster, but the catalyst itself isn’t used up.

Kind of like how a sewing machine is faster than stitching by hand, but the sewing machine itself does not become part of the finished product.

Or how a kitchen mixer quickly combines ingredients for a loaf of bread, but does not end up in the bread itself.

Are you following me?

Last example.

What do Real Estate agents sell? And who do they sell to?

They are NOT selling houses, the property owner is.

They (usually) do NOT own or control the buyers either.

They are simply the catalyst.

They bring together a thing to sell, and someone to sell to.

Starting to get it?

Now I believe that ultimately, there is a lot of power and control in owning both the thing to sell AND the people to sell to.

But do you absolutely need both?


You don’t need either, as long as you have a way to access someone else’s.

And for those of you who are lacking in one, or the other, or both, I’d like to play matchmaker.

I’m not sure yet what this will look like, but if you’re interested in finding out, let me know below where you stand:

Which ingredient do you need the most help with?

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Alright, let’s see what we can catalyze together.


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